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NETPRO/Mine provides functions to address all requirements of mining engineers, geologists, surveyors and academicians.


NETPRO/Mine is an all-in-one solution offers practical modules for exploration, ore body modeling, geostatistics, resource estimation, underground mining, open pit mining, optimization and workflow automation.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use and flexible software solution covering every stage of mining. NETPRO/Mine offers practical tools for exploration, ore body modeling, geostatistics, resource estimation, underground mining, open pit mining, optimization and workflow automation.

Academic expertise

The 24/7 Academic Support Center, staffed by leading universities, is the important point of contact for NETPRO/Mine. The Academic team is available seven days a week (excluding holidays) and ready to help address any computer, technical or special concerns you have with the latest sectoral knowledge and academic know-how.
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Cost effective

NETPRO/Mine’s affordable high-end functionality, extensive post-sales support via technical and academic teams, continuous training and proven technology fuel our users’ daily operations, empower them to exceed their strategic and operational goals.

All-in-one solution

NETPRO/Mine provides a range of integrated modules for the mining industry in one application. Our solution contains all the functionality required to manage your mining business end-to-end with the core module, resource estimation, open-pit mining, pit optimization, and underground mining. Multilingual support ensures global companies to enable users from all around the world.
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What our users say?

Having attended the course programme of NETPRO/Mine one has to say that I found it intriguing and simple to use. My understanding of the mine planning and design has vastly improved and these courses I would recommend for all planning engineers and consultancy firms as it is accessible at very reasonable pricing.It is a software that is direct and allows the user to easily understand how to utilize it for different functions, it is one software I would recommend to all planning engineers geologists, academics and students. Also to universities teaching mine planning this is an ideal software that can be utilized with ease and also very easy to master despite its high quality.
Percy Mthulisi Sibanda • Mining Engineer
University of South Africa
A real forecasting tool in mine exploration with a convenient user interface and easy-to-use applications.
Zafer Doygun • Chief Geologist
I am a NETPRO/Mine user since 2012. I have realized many coal, industrial mineral and metallic mine projects with NETPRO/Mine flawlessly. I am very content with its lean and comprehensible user interface, fast integration between 2D and 3D, on-time technical support and numerous other features. Thank you.
Abdullah Susmaz • Geology Engineer
ADO Mining
We are pleased to use NETPRO/Mine, especially for underground mining projects. It sheds light to resource estimation and planning the galleries. Volume calculations made very easy. Designing open pit mines is particulary effortless. We got rid of old habits and now we are able to complete a project in 3D, calculate volumes and costs in 15 minutes. Mine operators are aware of the costs and plan their investments accordingly.
Murat Duran • Mining Engineer
BTN Engineering
Its user-friendly interface, easy design steps, categorized and easily accessible design parameters, particularly guiding the user about variograms and kriging, detailed and customizable reports and many other positive aspects places NETPRO/Mine on top of its league.
Furkan Keren Kasa • Mine Manager / Phd.Candidate
Dedeman Mining
With NETPRO/Mine, we are able to prepare both 3D modeling and production terminating plans very easily and quickly. For me, the most important feature is that it is easy to use; feedbacks are very easy and straightforward. We can do the most complex operations with 1-2 mouse clicks and we can transfer 3D drawings to 2D with one command.
İbrahim Uçar • Mining Engineer
Uçar Mining

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