NETPROMine Surveying

A software that fulfills the requirements of the age in terms of cartography and information technologies, produces solutions with high precision and accuracy, contributes economically to the execution of projects, and can report the data obtained as a result of measurements. The Surveying module is widely used by survey engineers, geologists, and mining engineers.

Quickly create your land model with all the details by using millions of objects from different data types

Quickly create your 3D digital terrain models with all the details from the data produced from all kinds of platforms and file types, especially land measurements, Point Cloud, ASCII, GPS, Raster, LandXML.

Let's automatically detect and arrange the faulty elevations in your land model

Let us check for possible errors in your model and present it to you. Find out the required elevation values ​​instantly and automatically and change them on the 3D image.

Automatically display your model in 3D screen with a single operation

Let us present your model with all its details on the 3D screen and let you interpret your mine planning projects better with the 3D screen.

Automatically generate your contour lines

We enable you to automatically produce contour lines and elevations on the digital terrain model.

Automatically generate slope hatches on mine production maps

We enable you to automatically produce slope hatches of the bench design in the mine production maps according to different methods.

Easily create your cross section and profile drawings

You can automatically create your cross-sections and profile drawings within the limits defined on the digital land model of the plan.

Perform volume calculations according to different methods

Using digital terrain models or lidar point cloud data produced in different periods, you can perform your volume calculations according to classical and current methods.