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Saint Gobain Rigips Gypsum (Industrial Raw Material Production)

Cement, concrete, micronized materials

One of the world's top 100 industrial companies founded in 1665, Saint Gobain is a group of companies with more than 2000 companies producing materials such as glass, ceramics, plastic, cast iron and construction materials. The company, which is the world leader of every area it operates in, is one of the top 100 industrial companies of the world and one of the 20 companies with the highest number of employees. The Company's shares are traded on the Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and Amsterdam exchanges. It produces and sells products in 54 countries. Saint-Gobain has more than 207,000 employees. Saint-Gobain spends 366 million Euros annually on Research and Development and receives about 260 new patents each year. Saint-Gobain produces 55% of the vehicle glasses in the world. Water demand of 80 capitals and 1000+ metropolitans is supplied through Saint-Gobain water pipes. It produces more than 30 billion glass bottles, jars and glass packaging annually.


DMT is a global consortium, providing interdisciplinary services in the four markets Mining, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure and Plant Engineering.
The DMT group occupies 30 offices worldwide and operates on a global scale. To date DMT has completed several thousand projects in over 150 countries, working in over 25 countries in a typical year.
The DMT group provides independent services in the four main fields of Exploration, Engineering, Consulting and Geotechnics. It also develops products and offers solutions for industrial metrology and testing with emphasis on natural resources, safety and infrastructure.



Saga is a mining consulting company located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company is specialized in project development at all stages of the mining life cycle.

University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta.



Department of Geology Engineering at the College of Engineering in UAE University.

General Directorate of Mining and Oil Works (MAPEG)

Chrome, gold, copper, basalt, marble

The general directorate conducts mining activities related to the issuance and inspection of licenses and examination of projects throughout the country in the case of presence of an economic ore suitable for operation in any mine under the possession and ownership of the State (chrome, gold, copper, basalt, marble).
Park Technique Mining Company


Coal Project (Ore Modelling)

Ciner Group, whose foundations were laid in 1978, is one of the largest groups of Turkey dealing with mining, energy, glass, chemicals, media, maritime, tourism and other business sectors as the main fields of activity. In addition to coal and energy sectors, the Kazan and Beypazarı basin, which is the largest natural resource apart from the natural reserves in America, is brought into the national and global economies by Eti Soda and Kazan Soda within the Ciner Group. Kazan and Beypazarı basin, which has a great logistic advantage especially for Europe, South Russia, Middle East and North Africa markets, is at the best location strategically, although it is not the largest natural resource.
Etibakir Akkaren Underground Mine


Underground Copper Mine Project

The Küre plant of Eti Bakır A.Ş. produces 1,350,000 tons of run-of-mine Copper Ore, 170,000 tons of Copper Concentrate and 400,000 tons of Pyrite Concentrate by means of underground mining. The copper produced in Küre meets 8-9% of the national demand. This copper production corresponds to 15% of the national demand along with the Murgul enterprises. It has the deepest underground mining galleries of Turkey. Ranked 254th in the list of 500 Largest Industrial Organizations of Turkey in 2017 announced by İstanbul Chamber of Industry, Eti Bakır A.Ş. employs today 2500 people directly in its enterprises in Samsun, Küre, Murgul, Halıköy, and Espiye, and the number rises up to 10 thousand when indirect employment is added.
IPM İperlit Mining and Construction Limited Co.


Perlite Open Pit Mine Project

The company was started up in 1970 with exploration of perlite mine, which is considered valuable both geologically and economically, in the Aegean region. IPM is one of the largest producers of the world perlite market for more than 40 years and it is the leader of Turkey and Europe with 14 mines and two individual processing plants. From the start of our activities, IPM is a world leader with more than 14 mining enterprises, more than 400,000 tons of annual production, advanced logistics facilities, professional team, high production quality and environmental awareness.
General Directorate of Turkish Coal (TKI)

Lignite, radish, bituminous schist, asphaltites

The aim of the institution is to make of use of energy resources such as lignite, peat, bituminous schist, asphaltite in accordance with the overall energy and fuel policy of the Government, meet the needs of the country, make maximum contribution to the national economy, draw up and follow up plans and programs, determine implementation strategies, and ensure the realization of the same. There are 3 Enterprise Directorates and 6 Control Directorates affiliated with TKİ which produces and markets coal in different parts of the company.
Traçim Cement


Calcite Open Pit Mine Project

One of the companies of Soyak Holding, Traçim Cement has started its operations in 2008 and sells CEM I and CEM II cement to domestic and foreign markets. The bulk and bagged cement produced by Traçim Cement with an annual capacity of 2 million tons is preferred by domestic customers as wells as many construction companies within a wide-range of international network including neighboring countries such as Bulgaria and Russia and Egypt, Congo, Paraguay and Equatorial Guinea.
Etimaden Operations General Directorate


"World Boron Leader"

Serving since 1935, Eti Mine has the mission of making use of Turkey's boron reserves, with 73% share in the world, in the most efficient way and put Turkish boron on international markets in accordance with the relevant laws.
Çukurova University

Lignite coal

It is the largest thermal power plant of Turkey located between the districts Afşin and Elbistan of the province Kahramanmaraş. The total production of both plants, built for bringing low-calorie lignite coal in the Afşin-Elbistan region into economy and generating electrical energy, exceeds 116 billion KW/h. 3-D modeling of lignite deposits of the region by using drilling data and the lignite calorie production plan complying with quality distribution and operating capacities of thermal power plants are being done by means of NETPROMine. In the open mining enterprise in Kışlaköy, excavation of overburden (stripping) and lignite (3000 m³/h (in-situ) is done by means of 6 bucketwheel excavators with 60,000 m³/day capacity, 5 pourers with 5600 m³/h capacity, and a belt conveyors about 54 km. NETPROMine defines Surface mining designs, production plans, and amounts of lignite and excavation soil produced.
Aşkale Cement


Calvite/Clay Open Pit Mine Preject

Aşkale Çimento Sanayi T.A.Ş. was founded in 1968 in Trabzon. The Company runs 5 cement plants and 7 ready-mix concrete plants across Turkey. Aşkale Cement, having an important place in Turkey's cement production, conducts quality and control services and R&D activities.
Akçelik Mining Company

Coal, sand, clay

Coal Open Pit Mine Project

Founded in 1961, Akçelik Mining Company continues to produce coal in Malkara region of Tekirdağ at the present time. Akçelik Mining Company has 4 plants and produces an average of 4,500,000 tons of coal per year. In addition to coal production, the Company also has mining enterprises producing sand and clay.
MTA (Ministry of Energy General Diractorate of Mineral Research and Discovery )

MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate) is a research organization that provides data to improve mining sector and offers infrastructure services. MTA sets up camp sites and provides part of labour and equipment locally all around Turkey in accordance with “Investment and Work Program” approved by The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and State Planning Organization with the investment allocation from general budget. MTA provides service with 13 heads of departments and 12 district offices and 3639 personnel. The services offered by MTA involve mineral exploration projects, geology, geophysical maps and scientific research, map inventory and data bank, hydrogeology studies, geothermal studies, geochemistry, earthsurface research, marine research, environmental research, active fault seismo-tectonic studies, geological survey of metropolitan areas, contractual surveys and location selection of organized industry, drilling core data bank research, labs and technological research, paid work, national and international technical colloboration projects.
Electricity Generation Company General Diractorate (EÜAŞ)

Lignite and natural gas

" The Lead Establishment in Electricity Production“

The Company continues its efforts to ensure higher-quality and cheaper electricity generation by means of thermal power plants fueled by lignite and natural gas, 169 hydroelectric power plants and wind power plants for increasing the social welfare of our nation.
Turkey Hard Coal Association (TTK)

Hard coal

It is an agency contributing to the national economy by making the best use of hard coal reserves and meeting the national hard coal needs. The company continues its hard coal production at 2-2.5 million tons in its 5 enterprises. The calorific value of Zonguldak Basin coals varies between 6200-7250 kcal/kg, whereas the reserve calculated up to -1200 m is approximately 1.3 billion tons. Zonguldak Basin hard coals have played a significant role in economic, industrial and social development of the Ottoman-Turkish society since the mid-19th century.