A technology that carries the ability to manage geology and mine project design processes in two and three-dimensional environments, carrying out all processes of underground and open mining operations together, by using drillings with geometric, lithological, and analysis inputs. With NETPROMine, design three-dimensional solid modeling, perform geostatistical estimations, optimization, design open pit and underground galleries.
NETPROMine is widely used by survey engineers, geologists, and mining engineers.

Drilling Editor & Log Report

Double check your drilling data with NETPROMine. You can also use and manage different data formats in your projects. NETPROMine allows you to manage your drilling data in a database structure based on GIS. Create your log reports for each drill and design your own log report templates.

Geological Solid Modelling

Create a solid model for underground resource detection and reserve amount calculation by using drilling data. NETPROMine offers cross-section, surface, and seam modeling for users to design more realistic modeling in your projects. Users may also use restrictions such as license limit and land use decisions while creating solid models.

Block Modelling

NETPROMine offers the opportunity to create alternative block models in project processes for reserve estimation.Users are able to create blocks by defining dimensions of main-blocks and sub-blocks.Assign density and multiple attribute values ​​to blocks using different geostatistical methods,manage block by defining filters and generate detailed block reports.


Long-term production stages can be optimized with NETPROMine. Enables the calculation of optimum quarry boundaries, surfaces and production amount according to periods by entering the sales value of the ore with cost elements below.
Ore production cost, transportation cost of the ore to the facility or market, stripping cost, cost of transferring the stripping to the waste area, marketing expenses, process expenses, general administrative expenses. With our optimization solution, users can produce results using different optimization parameters, compare the results and produce high profitability plans with lower costs.

Open Pit Mining

With NETPROMine, users may design open-pit projects with all stages and update changes in a single step.Automatically generate and edit your inside ramps together with the benches.After the design, users may calculate and report the total volume of the pit, volume of ore and volume of waste for each step.

Underground Mining

By creating gallery design, ventilation, fortification, plumbing (water, electricity, pressure) and production plans, NETPROMine produces practical solutions at all stages of underground mining.
Ready to use profiles in the library provided by NETPROMine and user-defined profiles can automatically added to the design.
NETPROMine has the ability to thematically colorize the galleries, add labels, and generate the volume reports of the galleries according to gallery groups by using all the defined parameters.