Mine Information Systems

Netcad digitalizes the business processes of all institutions related to mining with its 30 years of software development and industry knowledge. The systems established according to the needs of the institution, bring organizations together dealing with mining, provides integrity in a digital platform, operations in accordance with the mining rules and laws determined by the authority.

Integrated Mine Data Management

Mine data are kept in the central system. Thus, it becomes easier to manage, analyze and generating reports. NETPROMine can smarten and archive this data with its powerful GIS capabilities. With the system; administrators, data producers, users, decision-makers, investors and researchers will be able to query data from the system, receive reports, create thematic maps and analyze results within the framework of their authority. The information system is a system that is fed and used by different users with the created central database.

Management Console

NETPROMine Mining Information provides digital management tools that support system administrators to make smart and timely decisions regarding mining processes. Users may make decisions regarding mine management with information supported by thematic maps.

Compliance With Country Mining Laws

The system is built according to the mining laws of each country. Provides the management of licensing, permit tracking, application, mine site operation and rehabilitation works of the countries. Supports the establishment of legislative standards in cartography, mining projects preparation, drilling and ore models.


Access to the system takes place within the framework of authorization. Thus, data loss is prevented and data security is provided by access control.

Access From Anywhere

You can access your mining data from any device and from anywhere. You can instantly detect the amount of production in all mines, make quarry-based reporting, and observe income/expense analysis.The system allows managing mining activities via computers, tablets, and phones.